8th March, 2024 (Fri) 


The evolution of “Future of Work” and talents in the changing world


Executive Director and Chief Executive, Hang Seng Bank

Bill LEE
Managing Director, Hong Kong, Jobsdb by SEEK

Hayly LEUNG 
Vice Chairman, Manpower Committee, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

Jeremy FOX
CEO, Asia-Pacific, Generation


The post-COVID world has transformed the "Future of Work," impacting diverse career paths. Technological advancements and emerging sectors such as AI, big data, green economy, sustainability, and healthcare have accelerated these changes. The World Economic Forum's "Future of Jobs Report 2023" predicts a quarter of jobs to change in the next five years, with 6 in 10 workers requiring training by 2027. However, current training opportunities are only accessible to half of employees. The average tenure of the youth cohort has dropped to 18 months, as stated in JobsDB's Report 2023.

In the future, there will be expanded pathways to careers, emphasizing soft skills or employability skills over hard skills. It is essential to identify the necessary skills for navigating the future job market and support young people in developing these skills within educational settings. The education sector must remain relevant and adapt swiftly to meet evolving market needs. A panel discussion aims to consolidate insights from various reports and engage stakeholders, including educators and business sectors, to collectively build a talent pipeline, establish reskilling pathways, and facilitate a smooth transition for young people into future jobs.

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